Adult Art Classes

Palette and Paintbrush offers various programs designed to let anyone experience the benefits of art therapy.

Informed by the teachings of one of the most acclaimed psychologists, Carl Jung, our art therapy classes allow the creative process to bring insight and healing. The adult art therapy classes revolve around the knowledge that art is a healing process that allows the subconscious to be brought to the conscious. With adult art therapy, suppressed emotions are permitted to rise to the surface and can then be dealt with and this can lead to more emotional balance.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

Pablo Picasso

Art therapy knows no age limit and our adult art therapy classes offer the ideal opportunity to deal with and express emotions that are often ignored or put aside with today’s busy lifestyle.

At Palette and Paintbrush we understand that making art in an art therapy class may be nerve wrecking the first time round and that you may feel a little uncertain of yourself. Our supportive facilitators will help guide you through the art making process and will not place any pressure on you or judge you in any way.

The goal of art therapy is to get you to express yourself and, in so doing, deal with stress and other emotions that may subconsciously be causing emotional turmoil.