About Palette and Paintbrush

The Palette and Paintbrush is an educational art franchise that offers educational art classes based on OBE. The franchise was founded by qualified preschool teacher and art therapist, Tilly Naransamy.

Extensive research, spanning several years, guides how the programs are designed. The Palette and Paintbrush believes that education is dynamic and constantly strives to ensure that their activities are kept both beneficial and fun.

To ensure the highest standards in art therapy education are met, and often exceeded, all facilitators are chosen carefully and trained thoroughly to be able to facilitate the most creative art therapy programs in South Africa.

Some pursue happiness, others create it. Be creative.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to develop the artist within each child through sound governance and an open, honest and secure art therapy environment that nurtures the development, and love, of art as well as fosters the potential for growth.

Vision Statement:
The Palette and Paintbrush seeks to become the most dynamic art therapy franchise in South Africa.

We see a franchise that will create an awareness in children of the potential they have in gaining a skill and thereby laying the foundation for future entrepreneurs.

We see our art therapy classes as an outlet to express inner creativity.

We see Palette and Paintbrush in every town and city in our country and believe that it also has global potential.

We see facilitators reaping the benefits.

A Brief History Of Palette And Paintbrush:
The Palette and Paintbrush was created by Tilly Naransamy. She has several qualifications that make her a leader in the field of art therapy. These include a degree in Art and Archaeology from the University of Westville, no less than two national diplomas in Reception Year Teaching from Technikon SA and other courses that include Neuron-integration of the brain.

Tilly’s interest in art therapy was inspired  in 1990 after a tragic car accident in which she lost her son. She has traveled to India with her daughter, who was also injured in the accident, and context has taught her a great deal more about art therapy and its common practice. A unique approach that is inspired by her extensive training, personal life experiences and travelling as well diverse courses have all put the Palette and Paintbrush franchise at a unique advantage of providing the best art therapy courses in South Africa. Her successful programs have attracted interest and praise from several schools around Lenasia and surrounding areas as well as Soweto where her programs are being implemented vigorously.

Business Potential:
There has been an ‘awakening’,  if it may be put in those words, especially in the northern suburbs. In the past art teachers presented art courses and even pottery to children but the end results were not pleasing. However, with the introduction of the Palette and Paintbrush course we have had a huge interest and demand to present the course to various schools.