About Jolly Babies

This dynamic stimulation programme is developed by Tilly Naransamy. Tilly Naransamy is a qualified Art Therapist, Child Psychologist, ECD practitioner and Historical Archaeologist. Tilly Naransamy has 28 years experience in teaching babies and Toddler’s. She changed her career path in 1987 when a fatal accident claimed the lives of her son and sister-in-law. Her daughter was only 16 months at the time. She sustained several injuries which halted her normal developmental milestones. Tilly decided to study early childhood development and psychology.

It would be the start of an epic journey between Mother and child. Today Bavisha Naransamy has inherited the Palette and Paintbrush which is the Mother company of Jolly Babes and Tots. She is a qualified Art facilatator and child Psychologist. Tilly Naransamy played a key role in Gauteng Childcare services in training teachers from the informal settlements. She is a Specilaist child art faciliatator and continues to train teachers in the ECd field on her dynamic approach to the fundamentals of Art in Early childhood programmes.


To provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment which will support and challenge children in their exploration of the world around them. To provide parents with valuable tools that will assist them in educating and stimulating their child.


  • Is to provide a safe and happy environment in which children can learn through play. We aim to make a child’s first learning experiences to be enjoyable by both the children and the parents. To work in partnership with parents to help their children learn and develop under the umbrella That every child matters”’.
  • To provide an environment of positivity where children can develop socially, emotionally and intellectually within the context of play.
  • We will strive to instill independence, self-confidence and a love of learning and playing.
  • To provide a relevant, balanced and exciting developmental stimulation programme.
  • We will always ensure that we provide resources to fit our needs and ensure plentiful opportunities for imaginative and stimulating play.
  • We will develop our facilitators, staff, resources and methods making changes as required to ensure we progress successfully into the future.
  • We seek to empower the children in our care to experience and connect with the world around them with curiosity, confidence and positivity.