A Typical Class

A typical class is 90 minutes long. The programme covers cognitive games, sensory play, massage, brain gym, kids yoga, meditation, baking, kitchen science and chemistry, art and messy play. Once a term we set aside time for Horse therapy and swimming.

Age Groups

We cater for the following stages of a child’s development:
Communicative baby
Adventurous Ones
Busy Two’s
Curious 3’s and 4’s


Registration: R100
Weekly Sessions: R510pm
Saturday Sessions: R530pm
Classes are once a week.

Meals and Outings


Our meals are cooked on site by our dedicated kitchen team. As much food as is practicable is fresh and sourced locally and we are always happy to meet you to discuss specific dietary requirements.

We aim to provide a healthy balanced diet, thus our menu is planned by a dietician.

During meals and snacks we discuss the importance of healthy eating and children have access to water throughout the day.


Outings will occur throughout the year and the parents will be informed of this in writing in advance. Written permission from parents is required before children are taken on any outing. Some outings may require funding from parents.

Outings include but not limited to:

  • Zoo
  • Puppet shows
  • Story Telling
  • Petting farm

The Curriculum

The curriculum covers the following aspects:

  • Intellectual
    • Cognitive with stimulation toys
    • Language
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Movement
    • Baby Massage
    • Baby Gym
    • Baby Sign Language
    • Gross and fine motor
  • Creative play and arts
  • Outside play
    • Water play
    • Sand box
    • Exploration
    • Gardening
  • Older Tots
    • Kids Yoga
    • Building Blocks(Brain Gym)
    • Meditation
  • Music and dance
  • Extra
    • Horse Therapy
    • Swimming.